Table Decorators

Table Decorators are the backbone of Girlfriend Gala. Without them our event would not happen - or it would be a pretty boring tablescape event!

We are always on the lookout for wonderfully creative individuals that would like to lend their skills to this event.

Table Decorators receive a FREE ticket to Girlfriend Gala. You heard us…FREE!

Table Decorator — General

Decorate a table and invite your girlfriends to experience a once-a-year evening of delight!

Must be able to decorate a table of 8 (or 9). There is currently a waiting list of decorators. By signing up you are joining that list. But, don’t worry! Most that sign up get to participate.

Table Decorator — Sponsor

We are fortunate to have several sponsors that help us achieve the goal of providing access to books to the children of Etowah County. Many of those sponsors are corporate and do not have the time or ability to decorate their own tables. By volunteering to decorate a sponsor table, you are putting your creativity on display. This is a great avenue for creatives to show off their business.

Decorate a table for a sponsor. This may be in addition to your general table.

Contact us today to be added to the potential decorators list!

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